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Oh yeah, Vortex is back on road

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Sick freestyle “the moster is back” dun know.

Interview, talks about forthcoming projects, Crazy Titch, Etc



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haha Titch is jokes, big up him, J2K, Grime Daily.

Dreaming Big.

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Brand new freestyle video for you to launch Dreams new youtube channel – He goes the FUCK IN over DaVinches ‘Rider’ instrumental, check it out. To coincide with the launch, we did a little interview to let you all know what Dre is about.

TS: Lets start off… for anyone who doesn’t know who you are, can you give us a quick introduction about yourself.

Dream: Basically, my names Dream Mclean, why? because listen, my names Andre Mclean, so Dre yeah? Dre + initials (AM) = Dream.. & put my surname on the end to make it unique! Dream Mclean, boom. As far as the music though, i started off in grime, standard, i’ll never forget that. But i don’t like to be categorized – there really isn’t a genre i won’t touch, main ones being grime & hip-hop. but don’t call me an mc or a rapper, i’m a lyricist & artist rolled into one. So yeah lyrics are the main focus for me, and if you listen to my music you’ll realise that…

TS: That name things clever, i hadn’t even clocked the initials part! So why are you different to any other upcoming guys?

Dream: Rahh lol, like i said. unlike alot of man in the scene, I’m not scared to move to any genre that’s thrown at me. I get my inspirations from everywhere & everything… & another thing, it doesn’t matter if I spit on like pop remixes, indie, funky house, unlike most artists i see, I will not dumb shit down, like i refuse to commercialise. I won’t even mention no names that’s just all i’m sayin lool..

TS: So you said you started on grime, how did you first get into it, and realise you could do this yourself?

Dream: See what the ting is yeah, from when i was a youuuut, for some reason, i wanted to be a rapper. Back then i was just spittin in the mirror to Nas & More Fire Crew, didn’t have bars, but i kept thinking i’m either gonna play for Man U or be a rapper, LOL. but i wasn’t writing til like 4 years later when i was like 13, joined some forums where people used to write grime, i started, i was shit but i got better, before long i’d like joined them american forums where people were writing and clashing (text they call it) for like money and that, some fucked fucked writers. Sites like goldmic, itshiphop, hiphopemcees and that.. Like i was a clever yout, so the punchlines and multis were mad when i was like 15. I used to come in at nights and write tunes. Obviously i’d never touched mic so i didn’t have a flow, but at 16, my boys like Siris, Blacks & that were grime mc’s in a click called LNY (now known as The Regime), I wrote my first actual bar with a flow, showed it to Blacks and he’s like “your good uno” so i went studio with them, and next ting uno i’m an mc lol. madness… (btw when the mixtape drops, know that i wrote “Story of Him” before i was an MC, like 14/15 years old.)

TS: Seen, you came out with you’re two promos I Am The British Dream Vol 1 and 2, tell us about this upcoming mixtape, ‘More That Music’?

Dream: Basically i’ve been working on this project from day, ‘More Than Music’ will blow your ears off!. It’s gonna be like 20 – 25 tunes of everything… alot of music nobody’s heard before. It’s been delayed again, i apologise, this is because I cut some tracks to make way for newer, better ones.. hence the ‘I Am The British Dream’ promos, so theyre like what didn’t make it.. if you like them, you’ll love this. But i’m not gonna reveal too much, just wait for when it drops (release date soon) well worth the fiver!

TS: For real. If you had a chance to collab with anyone in the scene on the disc, who would it be and why?

Dream: Wretch 32 because he’s so fuckin lyrical. The thing is I spat at one open mic night with him and Scorcher, them man were goin mad slappin the roof and that. They said ‘yea yea we’ll collab man definately’…. but never got back to me. peak. lol so if you man are reading this holla me.. oh and Dot Rotten, he’s ridiculous, like he’s a mad artist. them 3 man are my favorite in the uk right now. Rap-wise, gimme Kyza, K-Lash, Jehst anyday… fucked.

TS: Yeah, whats it like performing with the likes of Wretch 32, Skepta, Ghetto,  etc.?

Dream: It’s mad, like i’m just a normal guy init. I probably walk to the rave listenin to them man on my ipod. To perform with and support them is just mad.. The performance is the most excitin part in music for me man.


TS: I feel that, your always performing as well. Despite grime being a relatively small scene with its so called ‘big’ artists, why do you think it is hard to get your name into that elite?

Dream: Basically, it’s very hard not bein from london in this scene, real talk, ask any mc outside of london. it’s an uphill battle, it’s that exposure that i need and i’m dying for ca alot of people that do listen. are like why ain’t you as big as Chipmunk etc.. it’s the exposure, i need to crack london. i think goin on Westwoods show would help alooooooooot. i neeed to go on that shit.. anyone that can hook it up, olla. lol

TS: lol, Siris gave me some number for like Westwoods Office or some shit, tried phoning twice, but had no answer, was at bad times though, gunna try again in morning.

Dream: Truss, if i go on that shit. I’ll make sure i just spit somethin crazy. Dot Rotten said he’d bring me not too long ago but ain’t heard back from him… Oi Dot, olla. lol

TS: LOL. All in all, what would be the perfect 2009 for you?

Dream: Boy, obviously I’d wanna be in a Chipmunk situation by this year. but realistically, I wanna get on Westwood, get the mixtape out, get noticed, get a video on tv,  like just to be known in the uk scene and for people to say “yeah he’s fucked…” & i wouldn’t mind linkin Lauren London either.. Oi Lauren, olla… fuck it gimme Kim Kardashian and i’m haps…

TS: looooool, you’re fucked man. Truthfully though, Megan Good > Lauren London.

Dream: Nah, Lauren London > Meagan Good > The planet we live on.

TS: loool. Right, final thing, they call you the ‘Punchline Prophet’, what’s your favourite bar you ever wrote?

Dream: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, probably either the whole of Story Of Him.. (I won’t go into them punchlines) or somethin old school like “ain’t just random planets i’m naming, but a jab in the face will leave you sat on your anus (Saturn Uranus)”… BOYYYYYYYY

TS: OH MY DAYS, THAT BAR >>>>>>>>>>>

Dream: LOL, trust me, i can’t even match that. Thats like 06/07

TS: That bar is so fucked though, same as “we’ll drive over the nigga you live with, call him a FLAT MATE!” (*check the video below to hear them bars*)

Dream: lol alieeee

TS: need some more freestyle videos with more big bars still!

Dream: Thats what i’ma do alot more of, for the people. New youtube is gonna have pure ish… i’m startin a blog, everyting, truss!

TS: trust me, the work rate is a lot! Any final words?

Dream: Yeah, big up everyone supporting, not just me, the whole uk music scene. That’s what i represent. Big up my dargs. Big up The Regime (UK Slaughterhouse trust me). Big up Lee and the guys at TeamSupreme. And finally, big up the haters….

That’s it for now… watch out for Dream – What Credit Crunch? [Prod. by Siris] dropping TONIGHT.

Eminem – Interview and 3 Live Tracks [Exclusive]

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Interview Part 1: DOWNLOAD/STREAM

Interview Part 2: DOWNLOAD/STREAM

Interview Part 3: DOWNLOAD/STREAM



Beautiful (Live): DOWNLOAD/STREAM

You can never have too much Em! He hit up Zane Lowe’s show when he was in UK, blessed us with an interview and three live performances. Its great to hear him perform tracks other than ‘We Made You’. He’s my favourite of all time, it is what it is. Exclusive baby!

(Still to come: Interviews with Semtex and Westwood, and the full freestyle with Westwood, keep it locked)

Donny Goines Interview

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Donny Goines: Last night Peter Rosenberg interviewed me on his Real Late show and here is a clip from that. I hope you enjoy and as always any support would be greatly appreciated. Also if your in the NY area make sure to come out and rock with me tonight at my official album release party. Much love.
Big interview. The Breakfast Club, drops for FREE… TOMORROW. Make sure you download, it will be on here. Swear down it will be fucked.

Eminem & Westwood

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Couple of exclusive snippets from the interview..full interview and freestyle next week.



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LOOOL, bare jokes. Black the ripper is jokes, he tells the truth tho. More Stuff At Black Magic TV.

Holdtight House Of Grime