It’s, it’s, it’s Double S!

Double S

They just dropped three videos of Double S and his Marvell collective performing at Radio 1’s Big Weekend. You can watch them right HERE.

To accompany these videos… heres a little interview I did with Double S a little while ago which I never found the right time to post!

One of the best upcoming guys with the grime scene in my opinion is Double S. He has some of the better lyrics within the scene and his flow is crazy. I was fortunate enough to catch up with him and grab a quick little interview with me, covering topics such as how he got into the scene, his biggest achievements and Marvell.

TeamSupreme: Thanks for agreeing to do this Double. Start off with the first thing, how did you first get into grime?

Double S: I liked music as a youngun and I always used to watch t.v and want to be like the Eminems and the 2Pacs but it was just a ‘like’ not a ‘want’ at the time. At 13, my older brother introduced me to something called garage which him and his friends were listening to and tryna freestyle at school at break time. I liked what I heard and wanted to do that so when I got home I picked up a pen and tried to rhyme but nothing was coming so I put on the radio for a little inspration, and co-incidentally, D Double, Wiley and Kano were on Deja Vu, which I didn’t know nothing about, but I liked what I heard cause it made me bubble so I asked my brother ”what is this?” cause it’s not rap or pop and he told me it was Garage and that was my inspiration.

TS: So then it’s common knowledge that you had to go to Uganda for a year, was this a stumbling block in you early days or do you think it’s helped you?

Double S: It helped me very much cause I came back with a smart mind state and didnt go back to how I was before (dont ask how I was before, you won’t wanna know lol). It was a downfall aswell though because it’s taken me 3 more years to get noticed.

TS: Yeah i can see how it would do help and hinder to be honest when you put it like that. So we’ve moved on from there, and you came out with From Day which really got you noticed. What would you call your biggest achievement of 08?

Double S: Kind of ‘From Day’ because that opened alot of doors for me like bookings, interviews etc. It even got me that advert with MTV Base which was getting played on every single MTV Music channel plus TMF (alot of my haters were angry but I would be too seeing me every 10 seconds lol). It done alot for me but I became quiet after a while and that was due to me learning a few things that I don’t wanna do in 09 that alot of people were doing wrong. I learnt alot and thats why this year i’m coming with a bang. I’ve already recorded my next 2 singles off my next mixtape entitled FLOW FATHER. Should be interesting

TS: Yeah following From Day/Money’s The Motive, I noticed you put a lot more work in with Marvell. How did the Marvell crew come about?

Double S: When Vertex started Marvell, der were 5 members: Double S, Vertex, Swift-24, Shotta-D & Mystro. As we got older, priorities started running up on everyone so it was abit stressing. Getting to uni, Having kids and moving out of the bits was the reason the other 3 aint in the crew today. We still talk and it’s all nothing but love because we grew up and their reasons are understandable. Eventually it became me and Vertex in the crew. Shocka was basically in another crew from north called Chain Gang and at the time they had broken up and I’ve known Shocka from when I was in like year 9-10 so I already knew what he was about. One day, he must have come to Alwayz Recording for Vertex to do his promo cover Beast On The Loose Vol 1 (if you ain’t got it download it now off his MySpace

TS: Oh believe, i’ve got that, Family Business song is straight REAL TALK.

Double S: We had to go Semtex’s show so we bought Shocka along and my manager liked Shocka’s style plus heard couple tunes from a CD Shocka & Vertex was cooking up called ‘Jacking Beats’ which didn’t see the light of day. We were just right as a crew from there so we just ran with it

TS: So how long you been involved with Always Recordings for then? Cause I’d never heard of them, and all of a sudden all my favourite artists are shouting out AR AR?

Double S: I joined Always Recording the same time as Chipmunk, Feb 07. The funny thing about this whole story is I was going to quit music before I joined Always but God gave me another chance I guess, and it’s got me doing this ting like no other.

TS: Ah seen. I was actually on there MySpace yesterday, i see its only like £15 per hour for studio session which is pretty good.

Double S: Always Recording is the place to be. Were coming back harder then ever after Chipmunks album. Thats why everyones been quiet cause we’ve all been trying to push his album hard

TS: So I guess Flow Father be coming out sometime after Chips album then… any date set?

Double S: Ain’t really got one but by the way it’s sounding, it can come out and bring a big impact but on a serious note, before summer. Thats when I wanna drop it but you never know with release dates so I ain’t putting a date. But you’re gonna hear alot just before summer even though you hear alot now. Work rates first place, I take the piss.

TS: Haha, non-stop work man, is good! So the project’s called Flow Father as you said… You have a bar that goes “Moneys The Motive?  That’s the old Double S / Now it’s Double Dutch cah you need more  Double S”. Is this a different project to Flow Father or did you just change the name?

Double S: At the time, I wanted to change the name but you are gonna get a project called Double Dutch just for me opening my mouth.

TS: Lol, i ain’t mad!

Double S: It might be called, Flow Father Vol.2: Double Dutch

TS: Cool cool. With a couple projects in the works then, gives you a chance to set up some collabs. Is there anyone in the scene that you would like to collaborate/work with on these projects that you haven’t had the  opporunity to do so with yet?

Double S: Hmmm, I like challenging myself so doing tunes with others doesn’t really come to mind when I get a beat. But I always like getting beats and thinking to myself, ‘Ghetto would sound hard on this’ or ‘Wiley would sound sick on this.’ But getting them on it is the hard bit cause they so busy… so I end up doing it myself and feeling happy I slyly ain’t cheated. Alot of people cheat on their mixtapes with features so they don’t have to do alot of work

TS: Yeah I see what you mean,. Anyways, wrap it up there, hopefully we’ll have another chat when Flow Fathers being released! Take care.

Double S: Safe, take care, Large up TeamSupreme, large up Marvell and Always Recordings, peace!

(Sidebar: Also watch Wretch 32 perform live HERE.)


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