About Us

We have created this site as a way of sharing music with the rest of you. We will not be posting every song to ever come out like some other sites, but that new HOT stuff for you all to enjoy. We are not stereotypical towards types of music, so we will contain Hip-Hop, R&B, UK Grime… and you never know, maybe the odd Rock song! Whatever your flavour, we can cater.

For those wishing to know about us, my name is Lee (doogz), and i am a 17 year old student from London studying Sports Science and Exercise.

Gibzen is a 17 year old Music Producer who has produced for artists such as Sway, DJ Ironik, Nia Jai, Blazin’ and more.

Vandan is mostly on the Grime side of things, however will upload American music at times.

Adanan is 17 years old aswell, he’s going to be helping us promote more music, mostly American.

We are all very passionate about music, and are all about bringing you that hot new music, and more importantly… hot new exlcusives!




2 Responses to “About Us”

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. Mr. Needle Says:

    hey I need one of you guys to contact me! thatneedle@live.com
    please e-mail. thanks guys.

    — Mr. Needle

    PS- Dope site

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