And The Winner Is…Su? DIVERSITY!

WOW WHAT A FINAL!, Diversity and Flawless were two of the best dance acts in the show by far, and DCD Seniors (mm that peng girl). Well both groups brought it too the final, was overly sick. But when it came down to the top 3, Flawless which have featured in Music Video’s such as ‘Chip Diddy Chip and the new track for Chipmunk ‘Diamond Rings’ didn’t make it, i was shocked! it was Susan Boyle (Favourite to win), Julian Smith (he was sick, no lie) and Diversity (best imagination and “diversity” lol).

Then it came down to the top 3! Julian Smith was given 3rd place, he done well. It was now all tense down to the favourite Susan Boyle and Diversity.. Susan being the favourite, everyone thought shes was guna win init? Act n Dec: anddddd the winner is…. *Dramatic music* DIVERSITY! Well Done tbh beating the favourite and doing it in style!


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