Donny Goines – The Breakfast Club [Album]


Donny Goines has never faltered in his fight to become one of the best to ever bless a mic. His relentless work ethic and passion for the genre he has submerged himself in once again has paid off when it comes to THE BREAKFAST CLUB, the new album from this Harlem lyricist. “This is my second official album and also a continuation of sorts. Minute After Midnight, my debut was the first part of a trilogy and The Breakfast Club is meant to pick up where the last one left off,” explains Donny.

Hit the jump for more info and the tracklist.

Like everything Donny devotes his attention to, THE BREAKFAST CLUB is another piece of work that differentiates him from the sea of unsigned rappers hoping to secure that mainstream attention. Boasting a diverse supporting cast, Donny has strayed away from the norm and hand selected a variety of performers to join him in this chapter of his recording career. “The project title derives from the classic movie and is meant to showcase my versatility and growth, but instead of different characters in a classroom, you have different musicians in a studio. All from different walks of life, different perspectives and different ideas which in the end tie together to create an eclectic blend of music and sounds,” he concludes.

Available for free download like the majority of his projects, Donny continues to provide constant musical nurture for his expanding fan base without expecting any monetary gain. To Donny Goines it has always been about the music and nothing more. His mantra in giving the fans what they want will always take precedent over monetary gain. “With this album it was important to me for people to just listen. I didn’t want any apprehensions or hindrances with this project at all and my main goal is to just get the music to the masses. There will always be times to make money, but my focus now is making an impact.”

With production falling into the hands of a selection of acclaimed beatsmiths such as Dame Grease, DJ Static, Buckwild, Cookin Soul and more, THE BREAKFAST CLUB was recorded mixed and Executive Produced by Ariel Borujow of Westward Music and is presented by I’M KING CLOTHING
1) Don’t You [Prod. by Cook Classics]
2) Bring It Forward (New York, New York) [Prod. by Versatile]
3) Whatever It Is feat. Mela Machinko [Prod. by Frequency]
4) Money feat. Mistah F.A.B [Prod. by DJ Static]
5) Don’t Mess With A Woman feat. Amanda Diva and Naledge [Prod. by Dub Z]
6) Sublime feat. Peter Hadar and Outasight [Prod. by Buckwild]
7) She Like feat. Che Grand and Izza Kizza [Prod. by Apple Juice Kid]
8.) Make Me Feel feat. Emilio Rojas [Prod. by Kwame]
9) Oh No feat. Patent Pending [Prod. by The Goverment]
10) What U Expected (Remix) feat. Rain, Termanology, Reks and Big Lou [Prod. by Statik Selektah]
11) A Love Song feat. Lydia Caesar and Skyzoo [Prod. by Digga]
12) Closer [Prod. by Dame Grease]
13) Digital Genocide feat. Planet Asia and Poison Pen [Prod. by DJ Snips]
14) Grateful feat. Tanya Morgan and Jeremy Carr [Prod. by Cookin Soul]
15) Party Apple [Prod. by Apple Juice Kid]
16) Can’t Get It Right (feat. A.Pinks, Esso and 6th Sense [Prod. by 6th Sense]
17) These Times [Prod. by Dub Z]


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