Newest Affiliate… True Finesse Designs

True Finesse, real name Chris Jenkinson, is a young aspiring graphic designer from the south of England. From a young age he has always been creative, starting with music production, then moving to art and finally finding his resting spot at graphic design.

Although he has been designing for a number of years, True never really thought about where design could take him. A remark from a friend to start working with clients sparked the start of ‘True Finesse Designs’. Since then, he has designed flyers, mixtape covers, logos and much more for music artists and businesses around the world. True has recieved positive feedback from all his clients based on quality, turnaround time and excellent service.

True hopes to go the the University for the Creative Arts in Septemeber this year to further add to his prospects of being a successful and well known graphic designer.

I went to school with this guy, and he’s come on leaps and bounds. At only 18 he is possibly coming up with some of the best designs i’ve seen. You can check out prices on his MySpace (a couple being CD Covers with Front only start £25/$35, CD Covers with Front and Back start at £35/$50)

Check out some of his work below:



More examples of his work can be found here.

If you wanna contact True Finesse, holla me or get his details from his MySpace still.

Peace out guys!


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