Newest Affiliate Artist… Barn-B!


In a joint venture between TeamSupreme and House of Grime, Barn-B will be our newest affiliated artist. He hails straight outta West London, and is 22 years of age. He is currently working on his 6 track EP which is entitled “The Fallin EP” which content will focus mainly of his view on the current climate of society with such tracks like “Zombie Nation” and “We’re Robin”. Other tracks also include “No More Us” (produced by Big Dogg Production) which touches on the subject matter of relationships, that we will drop soon. Other songs on the EP will include “Hotlines” and “How I Feel” which will give the listener something to dance to and also showcase some of Barn-B’s wordplay skills on very different beats. To sum up, it’s a very experimental sounding CD that would be well worth checking out. Mixed and Mastered by No.18 studios and CD art work done by up and coming designer Mute. It will be available for free download on right here on TeamSupreme and House Of Grime, so keep it locked!

In Barn-B’s words:

When did you start making music?
I’ve been listening to Hip Hop and Rap music since the 90s and I’ve been influenced by so many different artists that have been active within the hip hop community. I can recall writing my first ever rap song at the age of 16 years old to a beat that I had made on my PS2 game “Music 3000”. From then on I would always rap to friends, family, anyone and everyone in order to get feedback but still I only saw what I was doing as a hobby. It wasn’t until 2006 when I started taking music a bit more seriously due to being brought through to internet radio sets and open mic gigs by other emcees in my area. This got me a bit of exposure which lead to me finding myself doing a few appearances on Freeze Fm. I wanted to get my own songs on radio so in 2007 I got my hands on Fruity Loops and really then started to develop my own sound. Also with me attending Hammersmith College studying music technology I was able to gain further knowledge in music production using software such as Cubase and Reason, which expanded my understanding of music composition even more.

Why did you start making music?
I started making UK Hip Hop because I wanted to add that sense of creativity and thought provoking subject matter that it lacks and put it back into the music. There’s a few people going hard doing there thing, I’m just trying to approach it differently and also be versatile with every song I make. I want my music to appeal to everybody and just keep it as original as I possibly can.

“I go left when others go right because right isn’t always the right path “

We’re all very excited about this, and to prove how eager we are… “TeamSupreme and House of Grime Present… Barn-B – Rappin’ Up The Game” will be dropped on both sites within a matter of days, featuring seven songs (including remixs of Eminems ‘Crack A Bottle’, Lupe Fiascos ‘Superstar’ and Drakes ‘Successful’) and three instrumentals.

As we’re in a generous mood as well… here is the single from this tape…
Barn-B – Successful feat. Trey Songz (Barn-B Remix)



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