Bashy – Ransom ft Scorcher & Wretch 32 (Part One)

“Ransom is the underground release from Bashy’s Debut Album ‘Catch Me if You Can’.

Ransom is not just a promo video, it’s on its way to become a massive feature film. It is filmed by Digital Sneakers.

It features Ashley ‘Bashy’ Thomas as Terry Ambrose, Tayo ‘Scorcher’ Jarrett as Junior, Jermaine ‘Wretch 32’ Scott as Frankie/Terry’s CO-D & Shanie Ryan as Chantelle. It also stars Joey Ansah from The Bourne Ultimatum.”

Can i just say, this is fucking nuts. Bashy went on like he hard been beaten up (see here), and everyone was talking about it, and it was all for this. Fantastic promotion ways, fantastic song, fantastic video, i’m actually speechless that i’ve come home to find this. Brand new Eminem and something this good? best day ever. 10/10


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