Lil Kim ft. T-Pain – Computer Love/Download


Great re-make of the classic tune by Zapp & Roger, in the 1980’s. But as i say i love this tune, Lil Kim is back on track with this one and of course T-Pain graced this song with his distinctive Auto Tuned voice which i also like. 8/10



5 Responses to “Lil Kim ft. T-Pain – Computer Love/Download”

  1. i like the shirt it looks wonderful just like you ,you are so beautiful dont let anything stop your future from failing i love all your songs but i cannot sing them i love you kimberly

  2. OK, short and sweet. I am 51 years old. The mother of two boys 30 and 25. Mom Deuce to many. When u first came out my sons were shocked that I got you. Its because you were sexual and mature. You exposed our inner sexuality. Fast forward to NOW. You are LIL KIM, you are important to many of our young people (male & female). PAY ATTENTION. Guess what, no matter if u wanted this or not it’s here Lil KIm!! Now is the time to man up Bytch!!! Whatchew gonna do? They r listening. Especially the young females who aint got nobody else to hear them. Talk to them baby. They aint where u are. Tell them who they are, their worth…let them know it aint just about their punany. You might talk that shyt, but your punany didnt get you where u are. You had to have some sense about yourself. Tell them that!!! Young girls are listening to you Kim. Me, hell baby I could give you some stories. But Kim, you need to let these babies out here know that its some shyt going on and they can get through it if they dont believe the hype and r comfortable in their on skin, and cultivate the relationships they have with their sistas and stop chasing the dick!!! Dick is easy, self-worth, belief in ones self, and prayer, now that takes work! Do it Kim…I know it is in you. Your mama loves you and believes in you…that shyt goes a long way. So whatchew think?

  3. John Deacon Says:

    y’all are faggots. get a life you will never get the little kim shes mine!!!!

  4. Keary Dupree Says:


  5. you are so cute but you are so shout why are you so shrot and i see you in stge with eve and .

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