New R&B

Here’s some really really hot stuff I’ve seen floating around the net at various places for you pleasure.


Bayje – Heavy Rotation [Prod. by Scott Storch] – Very nice beat, very nice vocals, could be big! 9/10 – DOWNLOAD


Julie Figueroa – Worth The Wait [Prod. by Stargate] – Damn. I’m in love.The beat = perfect. The vocals = perfect. Together = perfect. 10/10! – DOWNLOAD


Ashley Phillips ft. Rock City [Prod. by Soundz] – I love this girl! Voice is quite amazing! This is very very nice. 10/10 – DOWNLOAD


Jarard – Lovesick [Prod. by Bryan Michael Cox] – Super beat as always from BMC, nice vocals also,  if you like slowish R&B, this is for you. 9/10 – DOWNLOAD


LA ft. Mr. Music – One Night Girl [Prod. by Mr. Music] – LOL at the intro of this, i’ll let you listen. These two are brilliant together. This is very very good. Not R&B really, but it fits in nicely in this list lol. 9/10 – DOWNLOAD


Velvet Angels – Impossible [Prod. by Danja] – This is nice as well, vocals could be better, but they do kinda fit the beat, which is very good. 8/10 – DOWNLOAD


Pen Up Girls – Side [Prod. by Danja] – This is quite brilliant as well, in fact, I love this as well. 10/10 – DOWNLOAD


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