Spider Loc ft. Uncle Murda, Philly Blunts and Freeway – Mr. President

All kill it! Especially that Philly Blunts guy!:

“I don’t see a black man when I look at Barack / ‘What you see?’ I see the right man for the job / I don’t see a white man when I’m looking at Bush / ‘What you see?’ I see an old washed up crook / It ain’t a black or a white thing / It’s a whos gon’ do the right thing / Cause our situations frightning / Foreclosures, families left homeless / We’re tryna fix the world when we ain’t even fixed home yet / Bring our troops home, please, bring our troops home / Our loved ones have been gone for too long / It’s too late for you to admit you were wrong / The world became a safer place as soon as you were gone / You left the country with a debt to pay / Now we depending on Barack to clean the mess you made / Well… One man can’t do it himself / But together we can… If everyone helps”

I’m not even American and that verse made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! Today is the day of change! 10/10 (Shouts to ThisIs50!)


BONUS: Tito Lopez – Barack LoBama
Thought i’d post as a bonus to show support to HIF and their boy Tito Lopez, he dropped off this track yesterday for MLK day. This is HOT. 8/10



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