Heres a couple of tracks from Gigg’s latest CD with an American vibe:

Giggs ft. Screw (of CTE) – Pack A Niggas [Prod. by Mill-Z] [LittleDJ] – Nice beat, not sure about Screw… Giggs is hard though! 7/10



Giggs – Gangsta – [Prod. by Green Lantern] [Little DJ] – As far as I’m aware, this is a brand new beat from Green. Its a very good look if it is. This is haaard though!”This gone be the new street anthem / Holloman, SN1, Next to Green Lantern!” < Gooooooood looks! lol. Reaaaaal short though, could be a snippet. 8/10



Giggs ft. Joell Ortiz – Hollowman Meets Joell Ortiz [NoDJ] – This was released a while ago, but it was on this tape so I thought i’d up again. Ortiz kills it, Giggs isn’t bad either. JO: “My flows water like Michael Phelps!” – 8/10



LMAO. Just read Giggs was banned from opening a Lil’ Wayne concert cause he’s  too haaaard! Waynes a blood what?!


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