Skeamz Interview

For those of you don’t know, Skeamz is one of the biggest producers in the UK right now, creating some of the biggest beats in the scene… and producing for artists such as Wiley and Chipmunk. My boy Frankz recently did an interview with him, and here is a little excerpt for you where he talks about TeamSupremes affiliated artists, Dream and Siris:

Frankz: I understand you’ve worked with a new artists called Siris?
Skeamz: Yh Yh, you see what it is like, a lot of people will sit there and say “Oh london has the best MC’s”. I know a couple of man outside London who are better than some of the guys everyone says are the best. siris is my friend, I don’t even class him as someone I’ve worked with, he’s my bredrin who happens to be very talented. His very talented, in fact their whole crew is talented. Look out for The Regime; Dream, Snaps, Setra, S Dot, Seekah, Blacks & Siris, them man are hard.

Frankz: Yeah I’ve heard dream as well. Do you think there’s a lot of talent outside of the big city (London) then?
Skeamz: There is a lottttttttttttttttttttttttt of talent but sadly they get blocked because there from outside the big city. Dream is just fucked to be honest, he’s my favourite MC at the moment. Also in Ipswich theres an MC called Minor Menace, he is overrrr hard and he’s young as well, watch out for him ‘cos he’s over talented. I first heard him spit on some performance and I holla’d at him.

Shouts to Frankz for this… Read the full interview HERE!


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