The Year of the UK.

Happy New Year Grime

Edit: I have a few more to add to this, so check back tomorrow.

Dream – Experiment Gone Wrong [Prod. by Skeamz and TruOmega] [Exclusive!] – Shouts to the newest affiliated artist. I predict he will come big in grime in 09. 10/10 –DOWNLOAD


Faith SFX ft. Double S, Maveric and Dot Rotten – Double just kills it as always. 8/10 – DOWNLOAD


Germz – I Can’t Believe ft. Snoopy, Blacks and Chipmunk – Usual nice grime track. 9/10  – DOWNLOAD


Ghetto – Sing For Me (Remix) – This is crazy. 10/10 – DOWNLOAD


Wiley – Angry Garden Gnome (Freestyle) – His flow on this is bananas! He replys to Durrty Goodz’ send as well. The two oldest grime artists going at each other = fire! 9/10 – DOWNLOAD


Wiley – Hummer Activity [Prod. by Danny Weed] – This beat is straight up mental. All artists who have gone over have smashed it. 9/10 – DOWNLOAD


Wiley – Kicked Out The Game [Prod. by Skeamz] – This is amazing. 10/10 – DOWNLOAD


Wiley – Snowman Freestyle – Very nice AGAIN. 9/10 – DOWNLOAD


Wiley – Wheres My Brother? – Finally proper CDQ. I can’t even begin to describe how good this is. 10/10 – DOWNLOAD


Wiley – Wreath Freestyle – Man Wiley is killind it right now. “I’m the grime scene designer” < True say! 9/10 – DOWNLOAD


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