5 Brand New Songs from Upcoming R&B Artists


Sophia Fresh – Drop It [Prod. by Drumma Boy] – Girl band on T-Pain’s label, and they are brilliant. Watch out for these three young ladies. This is on straight repeat. 10/10




Asia Cruise – Secret [Prod. by The Underdogs] – Just brilliant. 10/10




Nephu – Sexxy Girl – Never heard this group before, and thats a shame, as this is class. 9/10




Quinton Storm – Tell Me [Prod. by Danja] – Great beat as you would expect from Danja, and the guy’s a nice singer also. 8/10



Siiren – Antisocial [Prod. by Scott Storch] – Nice upcoming female artist here, couldnt find a pic of her though!. She could go big things also. 8/10



3 Responses to “5 Brand New Songs from Upcoming R&B Artists”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Sophia Fresh – Drop it has been out for a while now .. like mid Oct

  2. alurre07' Says:

    still love Sophia Fresh

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