Charles Hamilton – Word? Aight! (Real Soulja Boy Diss) (Video & Audio)


If there is one man that put out a diss record using autotune and make it sound hot… it’s Charles Hamilton. If theres one man that can put out a video as funny as Soulja Boy… it’s Charles Hamilton. Dude kills Soulja Boy, and you get the feeling he ain’t even trying. His flow is immaculate (its over T-Pains ‘Can’t Believe It’ beat), and it’s just all round funny. 9/10.

“Right now he’s looking Apollo so i gotta be Rocky”

“Who the fuck’ll buy your album? Don’t even sell twenty thousand, OWWWWW”  – LMFAO

“This nigga only dissing me cause he know that i’m famous / Plus Collipark is in his anus”

“This ain’t no Ice T shit… motherfucker i’m vodka / In other words i’ma monster”

Charles makes me laugh too much.

*Waits for Souljas response*


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