Nikki Grier ft. 50 Cent – Incredible [Prod. by Dr. Dre]


Dre Beat? Fire. 50 Feature? Fire. Nikki Grier? Pretty darn good. All the makings of a great song right?! Hell yeah. 9/10



7 Responses to “Nikki Grier ft. 50 Cent – Incredible [Prod. by Dr. Dre]”

  1. This shit is fire. Where has she been??

  2. I thought Dre fell off, but HE BACK. Did he really do this beat? 50 sound a little soft, but I guess that’s aight for the ladies. The singer look better than Keyshia, Sierra, any of them. Where the video at?

    • Don’t know, it said he did, and it make senses to be him with 50 on the track. THough i’m not sure its him really.
      Ain’t got a video yet

  3. There is finally real natural talent out there!! It’s refreshing to hear a young artist who can really sing!!

  4. Right you are Roxanne. Whats even better is the face that she’s not coming out doing it a lone, shes got the backing of two of the biggset rap people in the game there! So finally a natural talent gets noticed!

  5. Really felt this track…Dre of course on the beat just makin everything run smoothly…50 with that lazy I just got that 100 million dollar coke money flow so lil wayne can eat a fat one…and the singer…she can really sing and alot better then all of these artist in the game.

    • Lol. No matter what people say, 50 Cent is still much better than Lil’ Wayne. Nice little review you did there! Think you used one word which summed up the song perfectly… ‘smooth’!

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