An Actual Blog.

As people with sites like this one seem to get called ‘bloggers’… I thought I’d post an actual blog with an actual topic. If a lot of people post/speak on it, I might work on some more.

Right. I’ve been on a lot sites in the past couple of days, talking about UK Grime/Rap in comparison, and most people said it wasn’t the beats they didn’t like, or the speed… it was the lyrics.
Well… I thought I’d give some example of UK lyrics. Maybe I am dumb, but someone please explain to me why we aren’t JUST as good, if not better with the lyrics?

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“Not every one thinks there Scarface, cause things get fizzy when the plans evolve /  then they end up in the can for coke… I hope your 7up!”

“Minor though, you know I flow rotten / Me and my pen tight like Jim and Dot Cotton / I’m bubbly, far from still / Couple man been around since Grant and Phil / ain’t even got one bar that kills / I run the dubs like Peggy runs pubs / If kids act up I be sparring still!” < That ones more aimed at English people reading this, all the people are mentioned are from an English TV show incase you don’t understand.

“You must be on crack like Whitney / or losing you’re marbles like Britney!”

“We’re right underground that’s why we’re so deep, but it still goes over their head / and my styles so fly they be floating to Wretch”

“I smuggle my lines, I put dope in bars… now the hoods addicted”

“I come through like big I am / Sick I am / C’s up, Chip I am / Then they peep to the top and see I am / Cause I heartbreak like / Ill I am / Worth two mill I am / Kill babies, damn right the pill I am!”

“I picked up a Q / Every 5 minutes, got 2 shots / Never get caught with the white in the pocket… Get rid of the 8ball in couple shots / I cut the 8 ball by eye… cause in maths, I weren’t a fool / Big guys understand what I shot but little guys think I’m talking about pool” < THAT IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST METAPHORS EVER.

“Cause I’m the Cristiano in my team / I can go through ya / With no stepover… just a maneuver (Man-U-va)

“Look I know I’m gunna make it / My times soon and I know I’m gunna take it / I ain’t gunna waste it / And that’s why when man are in the gym tryna get a 6 pack / I’ll be up in the booth tryna bang 6 tracks / I spit facts / Call me Michael Schumacher / The way I overlap and I rip tracks / I’m a lyrical dealer / I’m dealing with the piff / Wrap up in a mix CD then I flip that / But all MC’s do nowadays is talk about big macs / Them man are cheesy like Nik-Naks / They don’t spit facts / They should sit back / Have a break with a kit-kat!

“I’ve always got money on my mind / And glue wouldn’t fix me if I get broke, ‘llow that / I stay busy on my grind / Ain’t no coke added but I get busy with my lines / Money? That’s my fiancée / So soon I’ll be on the top of the cake, right next to my bride! / Pick up a rolex and book a trip to Uganda just to see time fly!”

“Boy Better Know that my Movement Roll Deep but I don’t care bout none of them crews!”

“I want a hundred percent not 50/50 / I get money but my name ain’t 50 / Went to the Lloyd Bank took out a Young Buck”

“After I slept with talent, I divorced my nerves / And my mixtape it recorded my birth”

“I’m named after a place of poverty / Where there’s murder rape and robbery / So it could be my name that’s stopping me / Let me explain that properly / Before this I took more risks / Before this I never made any cash honestly / Before this I was on some raw shit / With a four fifth man would have aimed at Dorothy!”

“Problems and problems / And reasons for the problems / No solving of the problems / Just a par off, that’s your problem / More money, that’s their problem / Their gunna turn this place into Compton / If it weren’t for the Olympics, these pricks never would of put dough in East London”

“I’m in the industry-man / In Eng-er-land / Where I’ll never sell more than an Indie band”

“I put the rhyme in grime / I though fuck crime / I don’t wanna do time / So i picked up a pad and a pen and made music, I’m grime!”

“Either way, I’d like to say / Grimes the way / But the mainstream don’t accept the grime genre / So i gotta swing both ways like Sonia”

“I’ll have a quick fling with rap / But in the meantime I’m tryna breed grime / Even though i done baseline bareback / And me and funky house had a one night stand / I’m a married man / So as an artist you know where my heart is / I know the market to target”

“I feel like god sent a saviour… In the form of an entertainer”

“I represent for the people / Let down by a nation / And left in the streets where it’s evil / Little kids surrounded by knives and heroin needles / Yeah, I represent for the people / Let down by a nation / And left on the streets where it’s evil / Community Outcast: cold, tired and feeble”

“When your night ends mines begun / my life’s become nothing but crimes, rhymes, knifes and guns / minus none / I watch prideless bums fight for crumbs / Me? I shot white for funds!”

“I only smoke nicotine if it’s in green / get lean and write a sicker 16 / and as long as I’m doing this ting… I guarantee you won’t be sick of this scene / go slow so the flow is not as quick as it seems / see… less speed, more time to breathe indeed / so when I squeeze I’ll be like what you mean, what you mean?!”

“Life ain’t easy sitting in the pen / or as a young black man living in the ends / I know 12 year olds that be wishing for a skeng / If they get one they’ll be licking at your friend!”

“When I was younger I used to be bad / so upset cause I’d never see dad / imagine finding out your fathers in jail… started sniffing and ended in rehab / go jail I’d rather die young / so you can’t say like father like son / teachers used to diss me cause I read bad / I swear I’ve been through dirt like a seed has / I never had p’s like my homies had / I ain’t joking g, my phone had a broken screen… with a broken keypad / everyone had Nikes… I had Filas, hard times they used to make me mad / until the point that I picked up weed bags / to this story their ain’t no moral, except I grew up with no role model”

“Blacks killing blacks instead it becomes statistics / Malcolm would turn in his grave he didn’t fight for this shit / Need self protection when we decide to risk it / Boydem want man in pen, now dont that take the biscuit / The wickedest ting is, man do this for hype, your chains, garms, haircut, kicks and your whip / A local gal wants an easy way out the district / A shotter with dough, well yeah… that’s an easy ticket”


“Enemies are telling me watch… When I find your house… I’ll be like mind your mouth! From now on everything on my mind is foul”

“You might have a bullet proof vest… but you don’t have a bullet proof leg… bullet proof arm or bullet proof head”

“Put a couple shots straight through your eyelids / holes in your head now your open minded”

“And it’s Scorcher / Not no talker / Flick out the ting like Luke Skywalker / Might see me in the ends with Francis… Yeah I am that boy that stabbed up Walker / Know that I hunt down man like stalker / kidnap man and then drive up Yorkshire… them boys dont really want it with Scorcher!”

“Dont talk listen I’m on a war mission / I got a pure vision… in a conflict I’ll leave your jaw spinning”

“Success is a must, but how can I blow if I’m still screaming fuck feds? I’m a thug!”

“You don’t wanna see me when its midnight / I’ll flick my flickknife / Shank him six times / I ain’t ramping, I’ll run up in the camp / with a gun up in my pants… it’s last man standing!”

“From Barking to Dagenham to E13 / See some grimey streets where kids desire to squeeze / Flickknife up your sleeve / Metal pipe in ya jeans / Flickknife in your spleen / Metal pipe to your teeth”

Couple of examples:
Punchline Song
Double S – Love Is Strong

Real Shit
Ghetto – Album Intro

Devlin – Community Outcast

Hard lyrics
Ghetto and Devlin – Buss 1

Griminal and Little Nasty – Fuck Radio 5 Clip

So again… What is the matter with our lyrics?! There’s punchlines, true talk, hard lyrics, flow, complex rhymes… what are we missing1? ‘Cause you’ve got me!
Speak on it?

One Love.


7 Responses to “An Actual Blog.”

  1. booooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. If the best you can do is come on this site saying ‘go eat your crumpets and tea’ or ‘booooo’, then frankly you haven’t got a clue about the English music scene are are a typical stuck up Soulja Boy fan or some shit like that. So please jog on.

  3. fuck soulja a billy bob thornton and angelina jolie fan nigga

  4. You dont know how hard it is/ when the moms dont know where the father is/ you can ask the kids/ they see him once a year/ they call him father chris/ – Wretch 32 – Cycle

  5. Rass! Theres a whole bag of punchlines on wretchs new mixtape. Better then a majority of the US rapper…

  6. barrin09 Says:

    kl can u gimmme all the track names and artists in the same order as they are on here.. the bars r cold

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