Chipmunk – Beast Remix ft. Wretch 32, Bashy and Loick Essien


Chipmunk – Beast ft. Loick Essien


Ok, so the song might not be grime, which is why it may get hate from UK fans, but this is definately one for the US people. Complete with the R&B hook, and the Hip-Hop beat, this is FIRE.. Chipmunks spitting keeps it English in my eyes though. Lyrics are hard as well! 9/10.

“I just laugh at those who strayed off
I’m proof that hardwork pays off
On rhymes but road i stayed off
I’m a beast with this art
I aim for the moon, I be around stars
You hear me and know that the swaggers too hard!
They could hear the fire in me on the stations
Mixed my anger and my passion, then found determination!”


Chipmunk – Beast (Remix) ft. Loick Essien, Wretch 32 and Bashy


The Remix, the main reason for this post as it has only just come out CDQ… OH MY DAYS. Amazing. 10/10 no doubt. Wretch is a genius and Bashy comes correct like normal! Lyrics are coooold, Lil’ who?

Wretch 32: “Understand i’m ascending / the plan was for them men / to contain the Beast like Hank in the X-Men / But man couldn’t let them / I weather the storm / I spread my wings like never before” (I bet the ‘Storm’ and ‘wings’ X-Man references fly over peoples heads)
Bashy: “I’m far from butters G / But when your girlfriend hugs on me / it’s Beauty and the Beast… i’m a main man / I make fire like a cave man / Fred Flintstone… no Wilma / I’m a beast… no wilder”

Chipmunk: “You fuck boys struggle on Easy Street / Compete with me? End up deminished / dot com forward slash finished! / i.e. you’re incomplete / not even i compete with me!”


Chipmunk – Beast (Bassline Remix) ft. Loick Essien


Not sure about the Bassline Remix, but as it was on the CDS, i thought i’d post.


Also, heres the video to the original for those who missed it. Which by the way, is amazing. THE EFFECTS ARE FUCKED. Amazing. 10/10 on the video. UK doing it correct with the videos at the moment!


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