Charles Hamilton – The Pink Lavalamp [w/ Quick Review]



Music – Great way to start the album, all about Charles’ love for music. First bars kill it: “America’s gotta thing for that gangster shit, well i don’t got it / So if different shit is wack to you… don’t cop it”. Nice 50 refernce. 10/10

Loser – Again nice song, he’s just so different. “This isn’t a verse man, this is beat abuse / Take off the microphone before i leave the booth” < Some of his simpler shit which i find amazing for some reason. 10/10

She’s So High – Song about a girl/drugs, possibly meant to be a metaphor for music knowing how complex/different that Charles likes to be. Either way, fire. 9/10

Voices – Starts of saying ‘ I hear voices in my head to this day’, so as you can guess he talks about a lot of things that people say about him. Great answer to critics. 9/10

Boy Who Cried Wolf – All about how people wouldn’t believe him, great song again. Great samples! I think he’s proved his haters wrong with an album this good, an i’m only saying that 5 tracks in! 10/10

Let Me Live ft. Bagdad – Bit of a feel good track here… its a lot! I like this Bagdad too, not sure about his name though! lol. 9/10

Brighter Days – Nice again. Got a bit distracted whilst listening to this one so i didnt quite catch the topic, but hell it sounds hot! 8/10

The Cookout – About blazing. Enough said. 10/10

Sat(t)elite – Song for a lady. Very good. 9/10

Live Life To The Fullest ft. Yung Nate – Again, a feel good track. Nate can REALLY spit. Best beat on the album so far as well. 10/10

Come Back To You – Message to his ex-wife, real heartfelt shit. 10/10

Latte – One of the weaker joints. Still pretty good though! 7/10

Shinin’ – Better than the previous joint. Supposedly a ‘suicide type letter’ that he wrote. 8/10

I’ll Be Around (Outro) – ITS A LOT ITS A LOT! Nice, very nice. Chill out stuff. Charles is just SO creative! 9/10

Writing In The Sky (Bonus) – Great sample, bit loud though, so you can’t totally hear him spitting at times. Hot though! 9/10

All in all, this album is CRAAAAAAAZY. The first free download album from a major label artist ever, damn did he smash it. He ain’t a rapper… he’s a musician! He’s not the next Kanye West, or the next Pharrell, or the next Lupe Fiasco. He’s the FIRST CHARLES HAMILTON. 9/10


9 Responses to “Charles Hamilton – The Pink Lavalamp [w/ Quick Review]”

  1. I thought the exact same thing 5 tracks in: whoa!

    You put it perfectly;; great review.

  2. Awesome. Thank you very muuuch.

  3. soulja boy is WAYYYYYYYY better

  4. or not.

    You just don’t like his creativity. It’s cool. I ain’t mad =D

  5. Statford Lex Says:

    5 tracks in an i declared it a classic

  6. I didn’t like the review that much like he liked cookout and i thought that sound was weak and the outro and the bonus should have gotten 10’s they were sick and Brighter days is awesome. I didn’t agree with some of the reviews he gave for some. Some were to high others were to low but despite it…its good

    • Yeah i got a bit distracted during Brighter Days as i said, having listened to it a couple more times now i like it more so maybe a higher rating was needed.
      I liked Cookout still, and the bonus got 9/10, so its all good.
      Thanks for the feedback though, i’ll probs do another review soon (:

  7. classic…nuff said
    p.s. this album is better than 3/4 of albums that came out this yr

  8. This was one of the best albums out this year for real man.
    Better than about 9/10 of albums to come out tbh.

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