Skepta / Wiley


Skepta – Swagger Like Us – He slows down the sample, and adds a bit to the beat, and its very good. I like it a lot – 8/10


Bonus: Bashy ft. Chipmunk – Swagger Like Us. – The beat is sped up a lot, and my days was it annoying at first, but now i really like it. 9/10 – DOWNLOAD



Wiley – Off The Radar Freestyle. – OMFG. Is it good to hear WIley spitting correct again or what!? 10/10.



4 Responses to “Skepta / Wiley”

  1. I dun did the slow swagger remix time ago !


  2. Yeah, but he slowed down the sample, not the beat. He added to the beat, and he spits fire… so yeah 😀

  3. I slowed the sample down 2, i dint touch the beat.. the beat is mine!!! either way skepta does spit fire alie !

  4. Haha, i’ll let you have that one out with Skepta!

    Alie he does. Needs new bars more often though. Then again he came through on his Westwood freestyle with new bars for us on Sunday!

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