Newest Affiliate… Cashflow Productions

Running the site with such a talented music producer, we are aware that it is not only the artists that need promoting, but producers as well. So therefore, i would like to introduce our newest affiliate… Cashflow Productions.


The producer of Cashflow Productions, H. Jeitler, is 19 years of age and resides in Austria. He has been producing Hip-Hop/R&B music for several years now, and let’s just say he’s very talented. Below you can hear one of his beats (titled ‘Up & Down’, not for use.), and I see no reason why this guy can’t make it big, and hopefully you agree.

(Listen to more on his site)

You can either lease beats for only $30.00 on his site, or buy exclusive rights for beats. If you have any questions concerning Leasing Rights/Exclusive Rights, or anything else, you’ll find information on his homepage, here. Don’t hesitate to contact him (details on his site) concerning price inquiries or other questions.

I’m honoured to be working on a site affiliated with two such talented producers, and wish them both all the best of luck in the future.

One Love People!


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