UK Does This! (Bashy/Double S/Ghetto ft Griminal)


BashyFreestyle – Sometimes i don’t think that Bashy’s flow is always on point, but he kills this! 9/10




Double SSwagger Like Us – This kid is only 17, and his flow is better than anyone elses i’ve heard. Lyrics aren’t bad either… “i can flip the script on these niggers cause they’re just actors” / “At 14 you wern’t aloud in the over 18’s, but i was like Tiger Woods cause i was touching them clubs!” / “You can be a busta with rhymes… you couldn’t touch it!”. And yes, it is the Kanye SLU beat.- 10/10




Ghetto ft. GriminalDon’t Phone Me [Prod. by Nocturnal] – An absolute grime banger… with an amazing beat, and pure brilliance as usual from Ghetts, and its great to hear some new Griminal! Unusual flows for grime, but they smash it regardless! – 10/10  (Has Semtex tags… i would of waited for NODJ but this is too crazy to miss… shouts to DJ Semxtex!)



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