Charles Hamilton ft. Max B – The NorthPole (Plus Extras)


Charles Hamilton constantly puts out fire in my opinion. I think his flow is amazing. Dude isn’t the next Lupe or Kanye or Pharrell… he’s the first Charles Hamilton. Best of the XXL Class of 09. Max B isn’t too bad on this either. – 9/10.

Shouts to Eskay!




Whilst i’m on the case of Charles… here are three tracks off that new Demevolist Music Group tape, which goes HARD! Charles Hamilton is craaazy. Every member has talent at rapping, unlike most groups these days.

J MeAns, Yung Nate, Charles Hamilton and Bagdad – I Go Crazy – Hamilton kills it –  9/10 – DOWNLOAD

ShowTuFli, Yung Nate and Charles Hamilton – Beautiful Things – Once more, Hamilton ftw. – 8/10 – DOWNLOAD

Yung Nate and Charles Hamilton – Water and Oil – I’ve wanted to hear this Yung Nate dude ever since i heard Hamilton mention him in a freestyle… and now I’m glad i have. Quite a team these two! – 9/10 – DOWNLOAD



And whilst i’m at it… here’s three tracks off that new Novel tape, which again… goes HARD! He has a fantastic talent of going from singing to rapping.

Novel – Lost! (Remix) – Good remix right here – 8/10 – DOWNLOAD

Novel – The Fighter’s (Remix) ft. Joell Ortiz – Both artists go hard, on point lyrics/flow from Novel… crazy flow by Ortiz. – 9/10 – DOWNLOAD

Novel – I Can Be President ft. Joell Ortiz – I know this one already leaked before, but Ortiz kills this… ‘We can do anything, the sky ain’t the limit / Cause I can walk in my closet and get fly any minute!’. Real talk lyrics all track. Wicked beat.- 10/10 – DOWNLOAD


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