Orange Unsigned Act

As i have said before, I am a fan of Indie Rock music. I’ve been waiting for a decent new song before anything gets posted. However, on Sunday i was flicking through the TV and came across a TV show called Orange Unsigned Act, on which unsigned artists compete for a place on a nationwide tour, and then the overall winner wins a record deal with Universal. Anyways, having heard of the show before, I thought i’d continue to watch in hope of seeing a decent Indie band. I watched for a bit and was very suprised/impressed with the following performance:

Having done well as an Hip-Hop artist to get this far, when it came to the time for acoustic auditions, many thought Pyrelli would fall. However, he pulled a suprise out of the bag when he performed with a violinist – and succeeded in obtaining a place on the tour. Some might recognize the name as Pyrelli was featured on a tune on Sways first album, called Up Your Speed, on which Chamillionaire featured on the Remix. Here is that acoustic performance:

Pyrelli – I Wonder


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