Adrian Rockstar – I O U


This is a song by an artist called Adrian Rockstar aka A.Rockstar. He is a singer/songwriter out of Brooklyn, New York, a seasoned unsigned artist, who has performed on the streets of New York all the way to MTV, and even shared stages with the likes of 112 and Justin Timberlake. He has recorded/wrote several songs for himself, and even wrote/featured on many underground/unsigned artists’ songs. This dude is mega-talented and really deserves his break.He is currently working on his debut album, and I for one can’t help to hear it.

It is called I O U, which is very hot song with very good beat, this dude really deserves his shine! 9/10


ATM [of Bad Boy Records] ft. Adrian Rockstar – Sextasy [Prod. by Hardwork]
Adrian Rockstar absolutely KILLS the chorus, Its fantastic. 10/10 for him! ATM is ok, not the best but not the worst… 8/10 for the song overall.



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